Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What commodities and services do you purchase?

A. Chevron Australia has a broad array of purchasing needs with requirements that vary by location and operation.


Q. How do I find out further information about supplier opportunities with Chevron Australia ?

A. Project Connect has additional information regarding supplier opportunities with both the Gorgon and Wheatstone projects, and for general Chevron Australia Operations.


Q. How do I register my company with Chevron?

A. Click here to discover more about supplier opportunities with Chevron Australia or to register as a supplier.


Q. Are local Australian suppliers given preference?.

A. We are committed to providing full, fair and reasonable opportunity for local contractors.


Q. Are suppliers trained to use Chevron Australia’s online eProcurement system?

A. The Chevron Supplier Enablement team is on hand to train suppliers regarding the web based suite of tools that make up the eProcurement system.