Energy Industry Intellectual Centre

Building Capacity and Capability

Energy Industry Intellectual Centre

With its close proximity to liquefied natural gas mega capital projects, Perth represents an intellectual gateway for the energy sector in Australia and the Asian-Pacific region.

We partner with universities, training institutions, research organisations and those that develop new technology to help build Perth as an energy industry intellectual centre of excellence

An acoustic sensor was developed by Edith Cowan University.

As part of our Gorgon Project quarantine program, an acoustic sensor was developed by Edith Cowan University researchers to track Asian House Geckos and prevent them from reaching Barrow Island via vessel deliveries. The early warning system also can be utilised for other applications.

Building an energy intellectual centre will enable the energy sector to:

  • Build capacity and knowledge
  • Attract and create local talent
  • Transfer and share knowledge
  • Create greater regional opportunities
  • Ensure legacy intellectual assets in Perth
  • Contribute to the community
  • Strengthen key relationships

Our association with the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA:ERA) and our University Partnership Program (UPP) is assisting our goal of building an energy industry intellectual centre through collaboration on research, technology development and education and training projects.

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