Chevron's Energy Technology Company

Applying Innovation to Real World Challenges

Chevron's Energy Technology Company

Chevron's Energy Technology Company (ETC)  is the industry's first integrated technology company. It provides leading-edge solutions that differentiates performance and positions Chevron to compete in the future energy landscape.

As the local entity of Chevron ETC, the Perth Global Technology Centre (GTC) balances local presence with global centralisation, providing Chevron with a competitive advantage in helping to solve today’s complex energy problems.

Many of the innovative technologies used throughout Chevron’s global operations were developed by the ETC.

ETC Fast Facts

  • Serves all Chevron operating companies worldwide
  • About 2,700 employees, more than half with advanced degrees
  • Major technology hubs in Texas and California, with global centres in Aberdeen and Perth
  • First in the industry to establish a fully integrated upstream/downstream technology company
  • Invests heavily to develop new technology solutions
  • Provides expert technical consulting services worldwide
Staff at the Global Technology Centre in Aberdeen

Staff at the Global Technology Centre in Aberdeen, which, like the Perth GTC, is an extension of Chevron's ETC.

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