Technology Leadership and Partnerships

Technology Leadership and Partnerships

Developing Leading Edge Solutions

We strive to continually improve. Since 2009, we have spent more than $1 billion on research and development.

Creating Innovation and Value Through Partnerships

Technology plays a critical role in meeting the challenges facing the energy business. It enables us to maximise reliability and production efficiency from existing assets and develop new oil and gas reserves in deeper water and more complex and unconventional formations.

Success depends on sustained collaboration across business segments, across regions. Together with the ingenuity of our employees, suppliers and research partners, we are focussed on developing the technology needs of tomorrow that will help us deliver on our commitments and meet the energy needs and economic growth around the world.

Chevron's Perth Global Technology Centre, a strategic extension of Chevron's Energy Technology Company (ETC), is developing research partnerships to enable innovation and new technology deployments.

We work closely with research bodies to develop innovation in Australia. Recently we began co-funding research by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to enhance tropical cyclone forecasting in northern Australia.

Our participation with the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA:ERA) and our University Partnership Program is expanding capabilities in petroleum research, technology development and education and training projects.

In Western Australia, we are working with universities, training institutions, research organisations and those that develop new technology to help build Perth as an energy industry intellectual centre of excellence.

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Technology Partnerships

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