Environmental Responsibility

World-Class Environmental Management

Environmental Responsibility

Working in an Environmentally Responsible Manner.

Our environmental management will be world leading, with the potential to place Western Australia at the forefront of environmental technology.

As part of our working process, we'll be sharing our learnings with others in the petroleum industry. 

The Perentie, a monitor lizard or goanna, from Barrow Island.

The Perentie, a monitor lizard or goanna, on Barrow Island.

Barrow Island has been a Class A Nature Reserve since 1910 and is an internationally important conservation estate. It is also Australia’s largest onshore operating oilfield. As the operator of both the oilfield and the Gorgon Project, we are proud of our environmental reputation and performance on Barrow Island. The management of oilfield operations on the island is widely recognised as an industry benchmark for the successful coexistence of petroleum development and biodiversity protection. These achievements have been realised over a period of more than 50 years, while producing more than 320 million barrels of oil.

Barrow Island is home to a number of species of flora and fauna only found on the island or have restricted distribution on the mainland. The world-class environmental example is globally significant.  Non-indigenous species represent the greatest threat to Barrow Island’s conservation values and strict quarantine procedures have been successfully implemented by Chevron Australia to prevent their introduction.

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