Carbon Dioxide Injection

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The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Injection Project involves the design, construction and operation of facilities to inject and store reservoir CO2 into a deep reservoir unit, known as the Dupuy Formation, more than two kilometres beneath Barrow Island.

The Gorgon Project will incorporate one of the world's largest carbon dioxide injection projects.

The Gorgon Project is developing two gas fields – Gorgon and Jansz-Io. The gas in the Gorgon field contains on average 14 percent naturally occurring reservoir CO2 while the Jansz-Io field contains less than one percent. During the liquefaction process, when the natural gas is cooled to -162° C, if CO2 remained in the natural gas stream it would freeze into a solid. For this reason the reservoir CO2 is separated from the natural gas stream prior to gas processing and liquefaction.

The first carbon dioxide compressor module has been placed on its foundation.

While standard industry practice is to vent the separated CO2 to the atmosphere, the Gorgon Project will inject the reservoir CO2 into the Dupuy Formation beneath Barrow Island. The reservoir CO2 will be separated at the liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant site and transported by pipeline to one of three drill centres. To minimise the environmental footprint on the Island, nine injection wells are expected to be directionally drilled from the three drill centres. Once the CO2 is injected, it will migrate through the Dupuy Formation until it becomes trapped. An on-going monitoring program, which includes observation wells and seismic surveys, will assist in managing the performance of the Dupuy Formation.

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Gorgon Project