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Gorgon Project

Chevron Australia has signed a number of Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPAs) with premier LNG buyers for the delivery of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project.  These agreements include SK LNG Trading (4.15MT), Osaka Gas (1.375MTPA), Tokyo Gas (1.1MTPA), JERA (1.44MTPA), Kyushu Electric (0.3MTPA), JX Nippon Oil and Energy (0.3MTPA) and GS Caltex of South Korea (0.25MTPA).

In addition, Osaka Gas has acquired 1.25 percent equity interest in the Gorgon Project, Tokyo Gas has acquired 1.0 percent equity interest and JERA has acquired 0.417 percent equity interest.
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Chevron has SPA’s with a number of customers throughout the world.

Wheatstone Project

Around 85 percent of our equity LNG from the Wheatstone Project has been committed to premier LNG buyers in Asia. These agreements include JERA (4.1MTPA), Kyushu Electric (0.7MTPA) and Tohoku Electric ( 0.9MTPA).  Chevron Australia has also signed an additional SPA with JERA for 0.4 MTPA of LNG from the Wheatstone Project.  

In addition, JERA, through a related company, has acquired from Chevron a 10 percent participating interest in the Wheatstone field licenses and an 8 percent interest in the Wheatstone natural gas processing facilities. Kyushu Electric has also acquired 1.83 percent of Chevron's equity share in the Wheatstone field licenses and a 1.46 percent interest in the Wheatstone natural gas processing facilities.


As a participant in the North West Shelf Venture, Chevron has existing long term relationships with JERA, Tokyo Gas, Kansai Electric, Osaka Gas, Tohoku Electric, Chugoku Electric, Kyushu Electric, Toho Gas, Korea Gas and Chinese National Offshore Oil Company.

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Globally, Chevron is investing in technologies that produce clean-burning transportation fuels from natural gas.

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