Barrow Island - Environment

Using Human Energy to Protect a Significant Ecosystem

Barrow Island - Environment

We recognise the importance of protecting biodiversity near our operations and Barrow Island is a testament that our facilities can operate in harmony with such unique environments.

As the Gorgon natural gas project continues to gain momentum, our environmental specialists are working to make sure that future operations will have a minimal impact on flora and fauna on the island. At Chevron Australia, we are committed to Protecting People and the Environment.

Barrow Island - Environment

Our environmental specialists are working hard to ensure that the Gorgon Project has minimal impact on the flora and fauna on the island.

Harnessing Specialist Ecological Knowledge

By working closely with ecologists and independent experts, we are confident we can maintain the integrity of the environment. We have a long history of safely producing oil on Barrow Island and we are working hard to maintain that record.

Our Enviable Track Record

Since the beginning of operations on Barrow Island in 1964, nearly 900 wells have been drilled on the island with almost 300 million barrels of oil produced. Yet all native species on Barrow have been carefully protected with no invasive animals established on the island.

Today, 378 native plants, 13 mammals, 43 reptiles – including native animals such as the perentie lizard - and 119 types of birds thrive alongside our oil field operations.