Working In Partnership

Achieving Sucess Together

Working In Partnership

Chevron Australia actively contributes to environmental conservation, biodiversity enhancement, species protection and marine environmental stewardship.  We partner with a range of organisations to help improve environmental awareness and encourage biodiversity protection.   

Barrow Island Archaeology Project

While Barrow Island is known for its significance to biodiversity and conservation, it is also an important record of human activity and association.  In partnership with our own experts, a team of archaeologists and scientists are undertaking historical and indigenous excavation work as part of an investigation into human reliance on coastal sites.

The Barrow Island Archaeology Project is an example of Chevron's partnership approach to achieve mutual benefits for the company and the partner.

The Barrow Island Archaeological Project is looking at past responses to changes in climate, sea level and isolation from critical resources on the mainland, including predictions of Aboriginal abandonment around 7,400 years ago.  Scientists will reconstruct important climate and ecological records from the contents of shelters and some open sites. It will study the "time capsule" sealed in the early Holocene period.  Historic-era whaling and pearling activities dated to the 19th century will also be profiled.

Now in its second season, the project will be an important record of Barrow Island human activity and its relationship with the environment.

Unique Fauna Handling Course

We have developed a unique three day training program in Fauna Handling in conjunction with Polytechnic West. This project provides training to protect our native fauna and educate personnel on Barrow Island. Participants are taught practical, hands on and interactive skills to help protect and respect the island's unique native fauna. This training was recognised by Polytechnic West who presented Chevron Australia with the 2013 Employer Partnership Award.

Chevron Australia received the 2013 Employer Partnership of the Year Award from Polytechnic West

Chevron Australia received the 2013 Employer Partnership of the Year Award from Polytechnic West. From left, Polytechnic West Managing Director Jill Jamieson, Chevron Australia Lead HES Specialist Lee Mould, Polytechnic West Vet Lecturer for the Fauna Handling Training delivery and design Terry George, Chevron Australia Gorgon Environmental and Quarantine Monitoring Coordinator Ben Osgerby and Polytechnic West Portfolio Manager for Animal Studies, Fashion and Business Kerry Banyard.