Integrating Biodiversity into Operational Management


Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on earth and includes ecosystems, species and genes, and the ecological processes that support them.

Globally, Chevron recognises the importance of biodiversity conservation and supports it through our values, performance, communication and engagement.

Here in Australia, we have operated the Barrow Island oil field for more than 50 years.

Barrow Island is a Class A Nature Reserve, home to many native animals and flora, some of which are found only on the island or in the surrounding waters. Barrow Island is also the location of Gorgon Project - a development that has been subject to the highest level of government and community scrutiny.

Critical to our success has been protecting the conservation values of the island while continuing our operations. We have shown it is possible for business and biodiversity to co-exist.

As part of the Gorgon Project, we are investing more than $60 million in monitoring and research to help protect the flatback turtle populations. We adhere to strict environmental conditions imposed for lighting and turtle protection.

The three key activities that help protect the island’s biodiversity are workforce education and culture, rehabilitation and a rigorous quarantine management system to prevent non-indigenous species reaching Barrow.

Supporting these activities is a suite of monitoring programs for flora and fauna, including subterranean fauna and marine turtles.

We apply the biodiversity protection lessons learned at Barrow Island to our other operations and our other operations - many of which have been utilised by Chevron elsewhere in the world.

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