Protecting the Environment

Managing Our Environment Footprint

Protecting the Environment

The Way We Work

At Chevron Australia, we place a high value on protecting the environment.

In helping to meet the world's growing demand for energy, we do so with the upmost respect for the environment. At our existing operation on Barrow Island, we are systematically implementing environmental performance standards to reduce emissions and discharges, manage wastes and conserve natural resources.

On the Gorgon and Wheatstone Projects we implement rigorous environmental impact assessment and management processes through both the Western Australian State Government and the Australian Federal Government.

On all our projects, we are committed to protecting the environment.

On all our projects, we are committed to protecting the environment.

We're committed to developing these projects in an environmentally responsible manner. Our commitment to this philosophy has been recognised by independent bodies locally and globally.

Our strong commitment to the environment means we're privileged to be able to attract some of the best environmental advisors and subject matter experts to work with us in reducing our impact and managing our environmental programs. These programs cover the full range of environmental issues from climate change adaption, fauna monitoring and protection and waste reduction technology. 

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Global Focus

Globally, Chevron is committed to continually improving its environmental management system.

More about our Global Focus

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