Harry Butler Legacy Project

Chevron has announced the Harry Butler Legacy Project, dedicated to upholding the late Dr Harry Butler's AO CBE passion and unwavering commitment to conservation and the environment for the benefit of future generations. 

Dr Harry Butler was a pioneer who engineered the gold standard in biosecurity and environmental management through decades of service to Western Australia’s natural environment.

During his 50 year association with Chevron Australia, largely on Barrow Island, Harry defined the approach for industry to coexist with the natural world and actively conserve valued ecosystems. His work with Chevron pioneered a quarantine management system on Barrow Island that has been recognised as world’s best practice. 

Harry Butler was an Australian environmentalist, educator and conservationist.

Harry Butler Institute

An important part of the Harry Butler Legacy Project is the launch of the Harry Butler Institute - a partnership with Murdoch University.  

The Harry Butler Institute will promote high quality teaching and research in the coexistence of industry and biodiversity, with a focus on the oil and gas industry.

These initiatives will include PhD programs and honours projects in biosecurity and environmental science; the development of an undergraduate bioeconomic curriculum; establishment of a Barrow Island Research Centre; ongoing advisory role for institute chair; science exchange programs and more.

The partnership between Murdoch University and Chevron will ensure the continuation of outstanding environmental outcomes based on excellence in both scientific research and industry practice.