Economic Development Partnerships

Economic Development Partnerships

Partnering for Economic Development

We are committed to working with local businesses to help build local capacity and capability.

Economic growth and development is at the heart of what Chevron does all around the world, in every community we operate. 

Chevron Australia recognises that contributing to the economy beyond our direct operations improves the quality of life for communities where we operate. We boost local economies and improve livelihoods through our business investments, and help develop educated and skilled local workforces through our social investments

We create economic opportunities for businesses and employees by investing in local supply chains and sourcing from local suppliers. These partnerships unlock potential for progress and prosperity with our communities.

Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Industry  

The Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project has partnered with the local chamber since 2013 to help support the growth and delivery of the CCI services and programs in Onslow.