Supplier Opportunities

Supplier Opportunities

Investing in our suppliers and contractors helps foster local economic development and meet our business needs around the world.

Globally, Chevron has a commitment to build local supplier capacity and reflect diversity in its supplier base. It achieves this through a Supplier Diversity Program and Chain Management Policy.

Chevron Australia is committed to providing full, fair and reasonable opportunity for Australian industry to supply goods and services, and works hard to ensure that opportunities for local suppliers and contractors are realised.


With all our projects, we always consider - and where possible give preference to - the use of Australian labour, services and materials when price, quality, delivery and service are equal to or better than other alternatives.

We work constructively with Australian industry to provide information and facilitate briefings as appropriate to ensure local suppliers and contractors are fully aware of potential opportunities within Chevron Australia.

Our commitment is demonstrated by our Australian Industry Participation Policy. This policy is supported by our - 

 Gorgon Australian Industry Participation Policy 

 Wheatstone Australian Industry Participation Policy

Commitment to Working with Local Businesses

The Gorgon Project has already committed $18 billion to Australian goods, services and labour. There are also approximately 9,000 people working on the project Australia-wide. During the construction phase, it is expected that about $20 billion will be spent on Australian goods and services. Long-term, the economic benefits of Gorgon  - Australia's largest single resource project - will cross generations.

The Wheatstone project has also already provided significant economic benefits for the Australian economy, despite only being sanctioned late in 2011. Already, more than $12 billion worth of contracts and purchase orders to Australian companies has been committed. Independent research conducted by ACIL Tasman indicates that the project is expected to create about 6,500 direct and indirect jobs during the construction and will result in locally purchased goods and services (local content) of more than $17 billon. 

Becoming a Supplier

Chevron Australia utilises the vendor identification services of the Industry Capability Network to provide qualified information on Australian suppliers. 

For both the Gorgon Project and Wheatstone Project, we also utilise the Project Connect website to advertise upcoming procurement and contract opportunities.

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