Barrow Island

Barrow Island

Industry and Environment Co-exist

We've been producing energy on Barrow Island for more than 40 years, and it remains one of our nation's finest Class A Nature Reserves. It proves that with the right management, industry and the environment can co-exist.

Sustained Energy for Environmental Management of our Western Australian Oil Operations

Our Barrow Island and Thevenard Island operations are a testament to our commitment to providing energy sources while respecting the environment.

Our crude oil production facilities are located on Barrow Island and Thevenard Island.

Both islands are located off the north-west coast of Western Australia and play an integral role in delivering a reliable source of energy for Australia.

The Barrow Island oil fields are the largest onshore oil fields in Australia and we've been producing oil there since 1967.

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Barrow Island

Barrow Island is located 56km off the north-west coast of Western Australia, about 88km north of the community of Onslow in the Carnarvon Basin.

Thevenard Island

Thevenard Island is located 83km south-west of Barrow Island and 25km from mainland Western Australia.

Harnessing Western Australia’s Crude Oil Resources

We have been producing crude oil from Barrow Island – a Class A Nature Reserve – since 1967. The island also is the planned location for the Gorgon Project, a liquefied natural gas and domestic gas development.

Although rated as one of the most important wildlife refuges in the world, Barrow Island’s ecology remains essentially intact.

This can be largely attributed to our environmental management of the island, which has received state, national and international recognition. Today it remains an environmental showcase and world-class example of sustainable development – an environmental sanctuary that we can all be proud of.

Perfectly Situated to Process Offshore Energy

Thevenard Island is the hub from which crude oil from six Chevron-operated offshore petroleum reservoirs – Saladin, Roller, Skate, Yammaderry, Cowle and Crest – is processed and readied for shipment by ocean tankers to Australian refineries.

The first oil from Thevenard Island operations flowed in 1989, and subsequent fields have been brought into production in a staged development.

The 150 millionth barrel of oil from the island was produced in May 2006.

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